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  The manufacturing unit is comprised of latest up to date technologies. The machines have the      capacity to manufacture unlimited fabrics in a limited time.

  Our company Ashwath Inc consists of a cohesive group of skilled and dexterous workers who are      constantly working hard to come up with new designs that matches the style of today's fashion.

   The transparent and professional management system and well delegated power structure enables       swift decision making at all levels.

   Our infrastructure is facilitative, strengthening and supportive. To keep abreast with the latest in       fashion world, we possess a well equipped production, backed by hi-tech machines and latest       technology.

   550 Sewing Machines, Cutting Machines, Stain removing Stations, Suction tables & Steam Irons, 5       Knitting Machines from Terrot, Computerized Embroidery Machines with 100 heads capacity, Chest       Printing machines.

   Our team of professionals are highly motivated to carry out its job in a perfect manner that leads to       the overall progress of the company.

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